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About requests read this.


Thanks everybody for visiting and thanks for all the comments. I can see there is an ever increasing amount of traffic to this site. On average there are about 480 unique visitors each day, with the highest peak being 1006 (but such peaks only happen when some images were apparently posted in a 4chan thread)

I have over time been getting requests of various types but I feel that I must clear some things up.
As some of you might know, this all started as a thread over at /3/ 4chan and there I did a few pose requests with the Alice mode. After the thread got removed by the mods I put up this page and thought it would be no problem to continue the requests. But I now must ‘change’ that offer a bit. basically I have been getting two kind of requests:

- Certain poses and scenes with the excising models.
- And request for scenes with various new models from various games and such.

Now I can more or less accept poses and scenes featuring the excising models but even this is no guarantee that I actually will make them all. That being said I must be honest and now say I can not accept requests for totally new models. It is just too much work. Doing a completely new model is so much work it is not even funny and will take well over a month.

Except for the Alice model almost all the images posted are ‘old’ meaning that I made these about 2 to 3 years back. A time when I had a lot more free time. These days I have a full time job and simply only a few percent of the free time I used to have. So I think you can imaging why I can not accept request for new models from scratch.

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