Dead or Alive – gallery Kasumi 3

  • #1 written by Guy 4 years ago

    Man these are incredible! You’re fast becoming my favorite 3d modeler.

  • #2 written by prince 4 years ago

    please please please do this with alice its just the sort of thing i want especially the last 3 pics were it looks like kasumi really isn’t enjoying it do that with alice just don’t make it look like she is confident or enjoying it make her look nervous like you have done here with kasumi and thanks again for posting these

  • #3 written by AyaneFan 4 years ago

    Frankly it’s beautiful, I alluciner so it’s well done with glow effects on sex O_o hat the artist :)

  • #4 written by Lalilulelo91 4 years ago

    I love Kasumi! All the images you have done with her are perfect! I especially like the first BJ pic where she looks kinda disgusted. I`d love to see more.

    • #5 written by admin 4 years ago

      You are lucky, there is more to come.

  • #6 written by admin 4 years ago

    Added 2 images which I did not include earlier because I had the impression they were not good enough, added them anyway now.

  • #7 written by Mobubu 4 years ago


  • #8 written by Hayabusa 4 years ago

    This looks more realistic than the DOA 5 itself man.Your work’s only flaw is not doing a tina scene :)

  • #9 written by Andrew 4 years ago

    Video! That’s totally kickass! Thanks.

  • #10 written by 8P""" 4 years ago

    5x XP for the perfect mouthshot

  • #11 written by Twitch.TV/Lirik 4 years ago

    Dead Or Alive 3D Hentai Movie Edition in the making? (っ´∀`;c)

  • #12 written by Gasprom 4 years ago

    Please continue being awesome, your pictures are really professional, a few christmas themed pics would be a great touch to your site ;)

  • #13 written by Anonymous 4 years ago

    yay, we have video now.

  • #14 written by nobody 4 years ago

    poor update month for month comming nothing than so a boring update

    lame shit here

  • #16 written by somebody 4 years ago

    Nice! Here’s to hoping more (and longer) videos are to come :)

    Thanks for the xmas treat :D!

  • #17 written by thanks 4 years ago

    One thing that I’ve noticed is that we haven’t seen extreme close ups of Kasumi in action. Take the ever awesome Hitomi 4 gallery as an example where we definitely see the inch by inch progression. I’d love to see a Kasumi version of that.

  • #18 written by g-tec 4 years ago

    The Video doesn’t work Byte me?
    Can you tell me why? (T.T)

    • #19 written by Andrew 4 years ago

      Do you have Flash installed? Do you get a message asking to install missing plugins? What OS/browser are you using?

  • #20 written by Caboose 4 years ago

    Sadly I’m on the new android OS and flash is not supported :(

  • #21 written by antares 4 years ago

    Awesome video. Could we get the same service for the other girls, too? :3

  • #22 written by Lalilulelo91 4 years ago

    You just keep improving! Your Kasumi and Hitomi models are the best.

  • #23 written by Anonymous 4 years ago

    No New Year’s Day update? >:’(

  • #24 written by Bibi 4 years ago

    Woaw, just amazing ! Such a great work !

    The same video with Ayane and I can die regretless…

    Congratulations ! : )

  • #26 written by Bibi 4 years ago

    Excellent !
    Thank you very much ! Ayane is my favorite DOA’s beauty.

    It’s really kind of you ! Thanks again ! :)

  • #27 written by Anonymous 4 years ago

    Can I get a link to the video? Same with the ayane one.

  • #29 written by Anonymous 3 years ago

    Wow, these are stunning! Please make more videos like these with other girls too! Great work! ^_^

  • #30 written by just click this 3 years ago

    This site inspires me everyday, you should update it more often

  • #31 written by Anonymous 3 years ago

    If you have time, could you do this with Lei Fang too? I wouldn’t mind waiting a long time.

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